Dr Jeff Swartzberg

About Dr Jeff Swartzberg

Specialist at the Centre of Advanced Medicine

Dr Jeff Swartzberg is a specialist in Bone Densitometry, Mammography and Diagnostic Radiology.


The services being offered include:

Full Field Digital Mammography 2D screening including 3D Tomosynthesis – with the highest imaging quality- which offers traditional 2D Mammography images and a breast Tomosynthesis 3D scanning in the same compression.

CAD – Computer Aided Detection which assists in identifying and marking areas of interest or concern.

Vacuum Assisted Stereotactic Biopsy.

All equipment is Gold Standard state of the art latest technology, which is being offered in Mammography around the world.

“Importantly this technology gives superior image quality with decreased radiation dose to your breast screening and imaging as well as ease and comfort”.

Dual Energy Whole Body Bone Densitometry – offering comprehensive bone density scanning which includes Vertebral Fracture Assessments VFA/IVA and Advanced Body Composition and Sub region assessment.

Ultrasound including colour Doppler for breast, musculoskeletal, abdominal, gynecological and soft tissue imaging.

“You can come to a safe, friendly and dedicated “Well Woman’s Centre” away from the clinical environment to have their Mammograms and Bone Density scans done at the same time receiving a thorough, accurate and confident examination. The recommended tariffs from various medical aids are charged and is submitted directly for your convenience.”